Dilip Lakhani

Dilip specialises in training for strength, weight loss and general fitness. He designs safe and effective exercise programs and provides guidance to achieve an individual’s personal fitness goals.

His clients range from the sixteen-year-old student looking to gain muscle to the fifty-year-old mom that requires building core strength or just getting fit. He also specialises in couples training and enjoys training people that are new to exercise.

Dilip Lakhani is a competitive Body Builder. His accolades thus far are:

  1. Year: 2010 Accolade: Third in the Masters lineup of the IFBBSA
  2. Year: 2011 Accolade: Second in the Masters lineup

Ultimately, Dilip’s aim is to help people reach their optimum health no matter their age.

Contact Dilip to start your program
Email: dilip@bodygurugym.co.za
Tel: 087 500 9430

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