Etienne Schutte

Etienne boasts an internationally recognized Personal Training Diploma, which ensures clients that the training that they receive comes from an educated and skilled personal trainer. Clients can rest assured the training regimen created by Etienne is one that is well thought out and will give you maximum results.

Etienne specializes in body conditioning, body building, functional training, kettlebell work outs, martial arts conditioning, Mauy Thai kickboxing, weight loss, sports and injury rehabilitation, personalised training programs and nutritional and supplementation diet formulation.

Etienne’s accolades thus far in his career are:

  1. Year: 1992 Accolade: W.P.F Provincials Men over 85Kg(2nd)
  2. Year: 1995 Accolade: W.P.F Provincials Men over 85Kg(2nd)
  3. Year: 1999 Accolade: W.P.F Mpumalanga Body Building Team for S.A
  4. Year: 2000 Accolade: W.P.F S.A Team Men over 90Kg(3rd)
  5. Year: 2006 Accolade: Mauy Thai Ambassadors Cup Fighting(1st)
  6. Year: 2007 Accolade: Trainer of Mauy Thai S.A Junior Champion
  7. Year: 2011 Accolade: NABA Masters Over 40 S.A (3rd)
  8. Year: 2011 Accolade: Universe Masters Over 40 S.A Team
  9. Year: 2011 Accolade: IFBB Men over 40 S.A (3rd)
  10. Year: 2016 Accolade: Arnold Classic S.A Masters over 50(5th)
  11. Year: 2017 Accolade: Mauy Thai Fighting Champ

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