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Chris Pillay

Chris is a both locally and internationally recognized body builder as you will see with his accolades below. He has years of experience in the fitness industry which uses when working with his clients.

He specializes in strength training for sport specific applications, muscle building and body sculpting, cardiac rehabilitation, fat loss, fat loss for individuals that are struggling with obesity and dietary guidelines and meal plan creation.

Chris’s accolades in his career thus far include:

  • 20 time provincial bodybuilding champion & including 5 time Mr Natal overall champion.
  • 20 time South African body building champion(IFBB/NABBA) & including 3 time Mr SA overall champion.
  • Represented SA 12 times at IFBB World Championships,& twice at WPF Universe. Placings include top 15,top 10,& top 6 at IFBB World’s.
  • Springbok colours in 1991,& Protea colours in 2012, 2015, 2016.

Dylan Ridley

Dylan is extremely passionate about the Fitness Industry.   He enjoys assisting people to achieve their fitness goals, be it weight loss, transformation or increasing muscle mass.  Dylan specialises in teaching correct technique and form when comes to weight training, as this is essential for achieving fitness goals.

Dylan is an SSN sponsored Athlete and also a 3 time South African IFBB Bodybuilding Champion and 2016 Arnold Classic Africa Champion.  His accolades in his career thus far are:

  • 2010 IFBB Natal Novice Heavy Weight Champion
  • 2010 IFBB Natal Novice Overall Champion
  • 2010 IFBB SA Novice Heavy Weight Champion
  • 2010 IFBB SA Novice Overall Champion
  • 2011 IFBB Natal Heavy Weight Champion
  • 2011 SA Light Heavy  Weight Champion
  • 2014 IFBB Natal Heavy Weight Champion
  • 2014 IFBB SA Light Heavy Weight Champion
  • 2016 King Shaka Light Heavy Weight Champion
  • 2016 South African Arnold’s Light Heavy Weight Champion

Dylan lives and breathes fitness and adopts a “practice what I preach” approach with his clients.

Dilip Lakhani

Dilip specializes in training for strength, weight loss and general fitness. He designs safe and effective exercise programs and provides guidance to achieve an individuals personal fitness goals.

His clients range from the sixteen year old student looking to gain muscle to the fifty year old mom that requires building core strength or just getting fit. I also specialize in couples training and enjoy training people that are new to exercise.

Dilip Lakhani is a competitive Body Builder his accolades thus far:

  • Third in the Masters lineup of the IFBBSA in the year 2010
  • Second in the Masters lineup in 2011.

Ultimately his aim is to help people reach their optimum health no matter their age.

Samantha Naidoo

Samantha’s passion for health and fitness started when she first embarked on her own fitness journey, during her journey in becoming a competitive fitness athlete, people were starting to notice the changes and asked for advice on how they too could achieve the same.

At this moment, Samantha realised how amazing it would be to help others reach their goals and better themselves. This lead her to pursue a career in the fitness industry with a goal of helping as many people as possible. Samantha is a strong believer in self-health and wellness.

Exercise, nutrition and mental health all work together for the success of the individual and all need to be considered for overall health improvement. She believes that making each routine functional for clients is key and will help them remain successful in the future, no matter what their goals are.

Consistency, hard work and discipline are key factors to achieve the happy, healthy body you want.

Zania Harrison

Zania has been a personal trainer for numerous years, inspired by her own achievements she has been driven to share the knowledge she’s learned with the clients she takes on. Her belief is that exercise and nutrition are both factors that need to be considered when making strides towards being physically fit. One cannot simply exercise and expect to achieve his/hers fitness goals.

Her main focus areas lie in sports rehabilitation, functional training, mobility and strength training. Zania also specializes in children’s skill development in and around the fitness arena and weight loss and weight management training in both adults and children.

Zania has competed in the IFBB as a Fitness Bikini athlete, placing in all shows that she’s competed in and holds many personal training qualifications.

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