Samantha Naidoo

Samantha’s passion for health and fitness started when she first embarked on her own fitness journey. During her journey to become a competitive fitness athlete, people were starting to notice the changes and asked for advice on how they too could achieve the same.

It was this moment when Samantha realised how amazing it would be to help others reach their goals and better themselves. This led her to pursue a career in the fitness industry with the goal of helping as many people as possible. Samantha is a strong believer in self-health and wellness.

Exercise, nutrition and mental health all work together for the success of the individual and all need to be considered for overall health improvement. She believes that making each routine functional for the clients is key and will help them remain successful in the future, no matter what their goals are.

Consistency, hard work and discipline are key factors to achieve the happy, healthy body you want.

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