Why Body Guru Gym

Body Guru Gym(BGG) understands the time sacrifice that you make to exercise regularly. That’s why our award-winning team have designed training programs to give you the best results in the time you have. Our award-winning personal trainers will give you expert advice and expert personal training sessions in the following focus areas:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Strength training
  3. Functional training
  4. General fitness
  5. Muscle building
  6. Body Sculpting
  7. Cardiac rehabilitation
  8. Lifestyle coaching

Who We Are

BGG is a personal training gym that offers an exclusive environment with award winning personal trainers. BGG is owned and managed by Chris Pillay, an icon in local and international body building who’s multidisciplinary understanding of exercise has provided BGGs clientele with a gym that is:

  1. Equipped for value adding exercises
  2. Equipped for uninterrupted sessions
  3. Equipped for award winning personal trainers

Using a personal trainer with BGG is NOT mandatory but they will gladly assist you with your questions to improve your self-training.

BGG is committed to keeping traffic in the gym to a minimum through its policy of limited memberships. Please email us your questions and a consultant will gladly assist.

What we offer

Personal Training

Body Guru Gym (BGG) offers personal training with trainers that are:

  1. Qualified
  2. Experienced
  3. Award winning

BGG personal trainers use the best of both modern and traditional techniques. Our trainers use the following methodology:

Industry Leading Equipment

BGG offers a spacious layout of gym equipment to cater for all training needs. We regularly renew our range of equipment to ensure we always have the right equipment to meet our clienteles fitness requirements.

Highlights of our equipment range are:

Locker Rooms

BGG has newly renovated locker rooms and showers that boast a clean and refreshed experience. Be sure to bring your own lock.

BGG also has valuables lockers available for items that you would rather keep individually secured at reception.