Byron Marshall – Personal Trainer at Body Guru Gym Umhlanga

Byron has been a personal trainer for the last 9 years and specialises in weight loss and weight maintenance, body conditioning, muscle gain and fitness enhancement. He has helped countless people achieve their fitness goals and currently trains some of KZN’s top businessmen and celebrities.

He welcomes both fitness beginners as his clients as well as the more experienced fitness enthusiast. Byron boasts an internationally recognised qualification from the HFPA which provided him with the skills to ensure his clients exercise needs are satisfied through safe and efficient training programs.

He takes a one size does not fit all approach when creating training programs for clients by customising each program to the client’s specific needs. He has several years of experience in creating both effective training programs as well as nutrition plans. He also extends his services to online coaching for those who are unable to get to Body Guru Gym.

Byron Marshall is also a competitive bodybuilder. His accolades thus far are:

Year: 2011 Accolade: IFBB KZN novice 2nd place

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Tel: 087 500 9430

Client testimonials for Byron Marshall

I have been training with Byron for a few years now and the results I have achieved are phenomenal. He is a dedicated passionate trainer who displays impeccable professionalism and fitness knowledge. I always look forward to my training sessions!

Mandhir Ramruthan,

My name is Sarisha Malthoo and I have been a client of Byron Marshall for the past 2 years at Body Guru. Byron has made such an incredible change in my life and I am truly thankful to him.His professionalism and work ethic is just some of the factors that has kept me motivated in achieving my goal in losing weight and wanting a healthier lifestyle. With his experience and in depth knowledge of training and by following personal eating plans,I have lost over 15kgs. His conduct, mannerisms and attention to his clients individual needs is truly exceptional. If you are looking to achieve results in a healthy sustainable way then I would recommend Byron as your personal trainer. Thank you Byron, I look forward to achieving many more fitness milestones with your help and guidance.

Sarisha Malthoo,

Byron is a truely dedicated and experienced trainer who has the best intentions to meet the clients fitness goals. I have seen remarkable gains in both endurance and muscle and believe it’s due to his well researched and studied techniques on how training and diet can be individualized depending on body type and lifestyle habits. I find that my time spent with him is so focused and constantly changes so muscle stimulation is consistent. I have been training with Byron for almost three years and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to invest in their overall health, wellness and ultimately their physique.

Shogan Sundram,

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